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Alex De Lucio

Managing Partner

Alex De Lucio is the Founding Partner at De Lucio & Associates. Alex De Lucio offers experience in personal injury, wrongful death, civil litigation, and estate planning. He strives to provide highly effective representation while making sure his clients are always informed. His dedication and efficiency in seeking justice for his clients are only matched by his unparalleled compassion for his client’s situation and uncanny ability to get the results needed to properly compensate them. To date, Alex has recovered millions of dollars for his clients.


Alex is fluent in Spanish, having been born in Lima, Peru – the son of two immigrant parents from Peru. Alex is able to communicate effectively with the Hispanic community, not only on a linguistic level but also on a cultural level providing the comfort and trust needed for a successful attorney-client relationship.


He is admitted to the Arizona State Bar and has been practicing law for over a decade. Alex attended Arizona State University where he received a Bachelor of Science in Economics. Alex then attended law school at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

When Alex is not in the office, he enjoys playing tennis, traveling, art museums, and watching sports



Alex is not in competition with all of the other accident attorneys out there, he is in competition with the 3% who care about their clients.  A coworker of mine referred me to Alex. He told me that Alex was the best and he was absolutely correct. My case was handled professionally and settled expeditiously. In the past with a different attorney (obviously), it took 3 years to see a measly $3,000.00. What a nightmare!!! Never again will I have to go through that, because now I have Alex. I want to save you and everyone out there the time and frustration that comes with being in an accident by referring you to Alex De Lucio.  You’re Welcome!

- Sara G

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