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Dog Bites

If you have been bitten or attacked by a dog, contact Animal Control and seek medical attention immediately. After you have had your injuries checked and documented it is important to contact an experienced dog bite lawyer to help investigate the incident.

De Lucio & Associates understands that dog bite injuries can be stressful, painful, and financially draining. Not only are you physically injured, but you will also be dealing with the emotional damage caused by the event.

In most cases, it is the owner of the dog who is responsible for compensating you. In Arizona, a dog bite is typically a strict liability situation. This means that the dog owner is usually liable for the damage their dog causes. The liability of the dog owner is normally paid through their renters or homeowners insurance.


Statute of Limitations for Dog Bites

Although most personal injury cases have a two-year statute of limitations, Arizona Law requires you to take legal action against the dog’s owner within one year from the day of the attack. A.R.S. 11-1025 allows for the owner of the dog to be held to a “strict liability” standard. If a claim is brought to the owner anytime within one year, the owner may be held immediately liable.

This is why it is important to call us a soon as possible: (602) 321-4473

Defenses for the Dog Owner

Despite the strict liability standard, under ARS 11-1027 an owner can escape liability when a reasonable person would believe that the victim’s actions provoked the dog.  Also, that the animal would not have bitten the dog if not for the provocation. 

What to Do After a Dog Bit
  • Seek immediate medical attention

  • Contact the Police

  • Take pictures and see if there are any witnesses

  • File a report with animal control

  • Contact an experienced Dog Bite Attorney

Common Causes of Dog Bite Cases

There are many different situations that could result in dog bite injuries. Below are a few of the most common situations. If you find yourself in one of them, it is important to seek legal help quickly.

  • Dog is not on a leash

  • Dog is not properly secured

  • Property damage resulting in escape

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