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Premises Liability

If you have been injured on someone else’s property in a slip and fall or other accident, we can help you seek compensation for your injuries. Our Phoenix premises liability lawyer has extensive experience representing clients in Arizona courts. Whatever your situation, we can answer your questions and tirelessly uphold your right to a financial settlement.

Premises Liability Laws in Arizona

Under Arizona law, property owners, business owners, and landlords are responsible for the care of their property. Arizona states that there are three categories:

Property owners owe a duty of care to:
  • Invitees

  • Licensees

  • Trespassers

premises liability

Invitees are those with expressed or implied permission to enter the property for business reasons. This may include customers at a shopping center, grocery store, or workout facility. By law, business owners must warn invitees of unreasonably dangerous conditions. This includes any hazardous conditions on the property.

Licensees refer to anyone who visits a property with permission for non-business reasons. For example, if you go to a friend’s house for a barbecue, you are considered a licensee. Arizona premises liability laws state that property owners must warn licensees about any concealed dangers or hazardous conditions on the property. For child licensees, property owners must take extra precautions to provide adequate warnings of hazardous conditions and take necessary steps to protect the child.

Property owners typically owe no duty of care to adult trespassers (those who enter the property without permission). However, they may be held liable if they willfully or wantonly injure the trespasser. Furthermore, landlords owe a duty of care to child trespassers. One must prove that the property owner knew a dangerous condition existed, knew that a child was likely to trespass near the condition, and failed to use reasonable care to protect the child from harm. Children do not always have the ability to understand or appreciate the dangers of certain conditions. Thus, landlords may be held liable for injuries to child trespassers.

How do I file a Premises Liability claim?

In order to seek a financial settlement from a property owner, you must prove 1 of 3 things. With our Phoenix premises liability attorney, you can receive thorough legal services as you file the claim and build your case.

In a premises liability case, you must prove that either:
  1. The property owner created the dangerous condition

  2. The property owner knew the dangerous condition existed

  3. The condition existed for a period of time sufficient for the property owner to discover it

If you can provide evidence to support 1 of these claims, you may be able to seek compensation. If a property owner knew of a dangerous condition and negligently failed to remedy it or adequately warn you about it, he or she may be held liable. 

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